True Website Launch… Minus the Shop

Alright everyone, it’s been a long awaited post and have been meaning to give you all updates to this journey of setting up an online shop. This past week I have launched the website through and you can now find us on I’m so excited of the look of the site and plan to expand on the theme’s shopping page once the following is achieved:

  1. Narrow the fashion selections down. (Check)
  2. Purchase and fabricate the bags and bracelets.
  3. Purchase the business card to go along with each sale. (Check)
  4. Take photos of bags and with models posing with them.
  5. Start filling up the shopping area on Facebook and Main Website.
  6. Start selling items on FB, main page, and Etsy.

Seems like a long to do list, but I’m slowly getting there. I hope to encourage you all that starting up is not as hard as it seems. You have to figure out your brand, message, and begin to plan and deliver on them. Having the resources and network goes without saying, but many people fall on execution. I hope other fellow entrepreneurs get motivated that you all can do this. Have a great day everyone!


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