About the Founder & Designers

Founder & Business Developer: Sergio

Hi, I’m an up-and-coming entrepreneur in real estate and fashion. I studied civil engineering and am in love with business, family, friends, new friends, travel, culture, and food. I hope to encourage others I work with to reach their dreams as I also pursue mine. I think in this life no one “makes it” on their own; it doesn’t just take both determination and work ethic, but also trusted friends, networking, leadership, and talent. Feel free to reach me anytime here and I’ll be sure to find time to respond.

Purse and Bag Designers: Maye and her mother

These two designers are originally from Cali, Colombia and have been making amazing bags and purses for the past eight (8) years. They enjoy using their hands, dancing, good food, and good people.

Bracelets, Earing, and Other Accessory Designer: Yenny

This young designer is originally from Dominica Republic and loves Romeo Santos concerts. She grew up in an island filled with many festivals with bright colors that relate to the Latin and Caribbean life. She’s excited to provide you with adorable designs for the young at heart.

God bless with your dreams!


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